What's Happening 2017

(1) The Hub

King Street from Francis to College

Presented by The Hub by Accommod8u

Bus Sing A Long!

Nothing like Karaoke with a bunch of people on a bus.

Don't need to carry a tune, just need a love to sing out loud and a passion for doing something pretty cool.

Hosted by the talented artist Ebuka Moneme


Hepcat Swing

Hepcat Swing is a dance community dedicated to keeping the spirit of swing dance and music alive in Kitchener-Waterloo. Live music! Dance the night away!

Come watch, or jump in with The Hepcat Swing troupe.


Lynn Jackson

the HUB Presents:

Lynn Jackson


Taking cues from Kathleen Edwards, Tom Waits & Lucinda Williams, Lynn uses her whiskey


Sarah Mcleod

the HUB Presents:

Sarah Mcleod


Sarah is a local acoustic solo artist with a rich, powerful voice belting out rock, country, and roots music


Faith Grace

the HUB Presents:

Faith Grace


Faith, a contemporary/folk/pop singer/songwriter will captivate you with her sultry sound, light humour, and unique character

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Ashen Blue

the HUB Presents:



Their old souls will pleasantly shock you. Avalon(13) and Jake, from award-winning band AshenBlue, will give you a taste acoustic style. Band OriginalEP coming July.

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Jessie T

the HUB Presents:

Jessie T 


Captivating country/pop vocalist and unique songwriter, Jessie T is an artist whose debut FACTOR funded album 'Reckless Heart' was released September 2016.

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Stop in and play some badminton under the stars with friends old and new.

History of Badminton: Badminton may have originally developed among expatriate officers in British India, where it was very popular by the 1870s. Ball badminton, a form of the game played with a wool ball instead of a shuttlecock, was being played in Thanjavur as early as the 1850s and was at first played interchangeably with badminton by the British, the woollen ball being preferred in windy or wet weather.


The Hub Stage

The Hub Stage:

8pm-9pm             Lynn Jackson

9pm-10pm           Jessie T

10pm-11pm         Ashen Blue

11pm-12am         Faith Grace

12am-1am           Sarah Mcleod

Body Outline-Connected

1. Lay down be side/next to/overlapping...another chalk outline

2. Invite someone to chalk your outline 

3. Decorate your chalk outline if you would like

4. Invite someone else to lay down and chalk tehir outline

Meet your neighbours while connecting your chalk outlines



DTK game

bean bags+holes=Awesome DTK game

**Please note: this game evokes yelling and brings the competitor out of everyone!**

Photo Booth-Presnted by the Hub

props+costumes+signs=Fun Photo Booth

Come take a picture and walk away with a printed memory....



(2) H2GO

College St (King to Duke and parking lots)

Presented by H2GO

Gastro Pub

Gastro Pub serves up a contemporary blend of Food and Culture


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Come enjoy grass in the urban jungle of Downtown Kitchener!

Grab some grub, listen to some tunes, make new friends and relax on some grass.


CKMS FM Radio Waterloo

CKMS FM 102.7 FM will Live-To-Air remote broadcast local radio shows and programmers of Radio Waterloo and will be hosting interviews, playing music and live DJ sets at Summer Lights Festival!

Live Broadcast!

8:05-9:00 pm
"The Underground Sound" with DJ JD (combination of Mixed Music and talk/ SLF artist interviews)

9:00-10:00 pm
"The Remedy" with DJ Carmelo and Lakes 

10:00 pm-10:50pm
"The Wax Jungle radio show" with DJ Raph (funk and old school!) 

Summer Lights Festival Artist Interviews

"Denim Entertainment Radio" with DJ Denim (A mix of Top 40 with electronic dance music.)

"Pressure Drop Radio" with Natty Physisct (Bass, Jungle and DNB) 

**Hosts  Cam Matthews & Mr. K!
*Schedules subject to change

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Breakfast Blues & Bbqs

Confort food at its best! Several Burgers, veggie burgers, Poutines, wraps, jumbo foot long dogs, breakfast, pulled pork, Philly cheese steak, Fish & Chips, just to name a few!

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ice cream+popsicles+slushies+more yuminess=Magacone

Super delicsious!

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Luchador Gourmet Streatery

Award-winning Mexican-inspired Global Food Ideas . . . - AwesTRUCK CHAMPIONS: Best Food Truck Menu - AwesTRUCK CHAMPIONS: Best Food Truck Concept - CRAVE T.O.: Ranked #1 Most Interesting Food Truck in Ontario - TORONTO FOOD TRUCKS: Top 10 Industry Movers & Shakers - FOOD BLOGGERS OF CANADA: Canada's Top Favourite Food Trucks

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Café du Monde

Sweet and Savoury, made from scratch, never deep fried, yummy Crêpes!

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Come enjoy some food while enjoying music, playing games and chilling while eating with these super deliscious food vendors:

Boston Pizza Food Truck

Café du Monde Creperie Food Truck

Luchador Food Truck

Megacone Food Truck

Gastro Pub Food Truck

Breafast Blues Food Truck

*location subject to change

**please see each food vendor for pricing, menu and monetary curecies accepted


Make a word, add a letter and meet new friends while playing scrabble.

Large sized tiles for evryone to have fun with!

The game scrabble as we know it was invented by Alfred Mosher Butts, an out-of-work architect from Poughkeepsie, New York, decided to invent a board game called LEXIKO, which is now called Scrabble.

Ping Pong under the stars

super size table+balls+new friends+fun game=Ping Pong 

Grab a paddle and a ball for a fun game of Ping Pong

**Remember chasing ping pong balls is JUST AS FUN as playing!!


(3) Charlie West

King Street from College to Young

Presented by Charlie West

Open Sesame- Natalie

Natalie Hunter: Pieces of Light—An Appendix,  which features photographs by a local artist. 

Check out Open Sesame from 8pm-11pm and follow them to be "in the loop" on cool installations

**Shopping Opportunity of local goods




* Image:Natalie Hunter

Bicolour Landscape (Small Island, RG no B)
Archival pigment print on baryta paper
Edition of 3
20” x 20”. Framed 24” x 24” 


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Scrabble-Life size

Add a word-Add a letter

Large size scrabble under the stars

How many points for "Zanitaghui"?


Conor Gains takes the stage at 9pm

Come in for a drink and take some grub.



Lorax Trees

The Lorax trees live around the festival landscape.

Some light up and some some are stuck to the water fountain....


Summer Lights Festival-affectionately called SLF.

This is our 4th year making this festival that is the biggest block party in the region.

Discover.Explore.Ignite The Night.

Chalk Me Up!

Bucket of chalk-help yourself and write or draw or just surprise us.


Community Counch

Have a seat, watch people go by, meet someone new and enjoy the moment...

In the histle and bustle of daily life, we often forget the people around us. How often do you strike up a conversation with someone in line at the grocery store, or say hello to someone you pass on the street? The people around us might be strangers, but they all have stories to tell, contributions to make to our lives, if only we'd offer them space in which to do so.

The Community Couch at Summer Lights Festival brings people together to share moments.

And it could be awckward, wonderful, funny, afirming or just something new.

Never know till you try it!!



Les toilettes

Washrooms are OPEN in Kitchener City Hall.

Jenga - super size

Super size Jenga for super humans!

Who's up for some super with a game that requires patience and the law of gravity to be on your side.

Life Size Chess

Nothing beats life size chess on King St.


Board Games

Pull up a chair and play some board games.

Meet new friends while playing some classic games under the stars.



Make a wish

Make a boat with a wish, add a light and set it a sail in the City of Kitchener's fountain.

It's easy, free and all materials are supplied.

Ginny and Becca will be your hosts in making something pretty amazing to release into the fountain.


Acoustic Steel Band

Accoustic steel band in the Charlie West showroom.... (exclusive peek at Charlie West)



Acoustic Steel band is a multi member group of 3 steelpan players, electric bass and percussion players with occasional guest musicians.

Musical Chairs with Miss Drew

musical chairs + music + hosted by miss drew = Dragawesome! (see what we did there)

Jump on a chair and experience musical chairs, like you have never before....

*Warning: Copious amounts of laughter and fun to be had, if you have a week heart-please proceed with caution*

**Miss Drew has some very special prizes for the winners**



Miss Drew is a female illusionist who delights audiences all over the world.“Once a novice…Now a queen”, she will host musical chairs like you have never seen before.


Ping Pong under the stars

Ping Pong on King St! Grab a padddle, meet some new people and play PING PONG under the stars-on King St in Downtown Kitchener!!

Origin of Ping Pong: early 20th century: imitative of the sound of a paddle striking a ball

**Ping Pong Table is professional league size! Go big or go home!!!!


First Aid-On Site

We have you covered-need a band-aid, a hug, or minor medical attention.... this is the place.

*great company for all your events, gatherings to provide medical/first aid on-site supervision*

Straws and Connectors

Make it as high as you can, wide as you can... Take a trip in your imagination with Straws and Connectors. Build a boat, design a rocket, create a raft or construct a fort. The straws are flexible; the connectors can join 6 straws together at 90º angles. Build upon someone's design or make your own creation!

Tweet your photos to #slfkw 

Make it!


(4) City Centre

King from Young to the Civic Centre development and north side parking lot.

Presented by Andrin

REEP Rain Barrels

REEP Green Solutions is an environmental charity that helps people live sustainably. We have challenged a group of artists to each paint a rain barrel in an hour at the festival, which will later be part of an online auction!

Check out the artists while they paint...

8:00pm            Moumita Roychowdhury
8:30pm            Ralf Wall
9:00pm            Jennifer Gough
9:30pm            Pamela Rojas
10:00pm          Nik Harron
10:30pm          Carolyn Dawn Good
Barrels to be auctioned off-Follow Reep Green Solutions Inc for more details

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Rebekah Stevens

Rebekah is a local country singer-songwriter. She released her debut EP "Here I Am" in 2013 and has been performing steadily across Ontario ever since.

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MyShop Makerspace

MyShop will be hosting a pop-up workshop where attendees get to make their own LED light bulb!

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She is a Queen, she brings out your sass, makes you dance and oozes with love.

Miss Drew on stage in the City Centre Hub on the City Centre Stage.

Not to be missed!

Glitter for everyone!!


Lobster Limo

Lobster Limo is serving up Fine and Tasty Seafood Dishes.

Come enjoy...

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A Man and his banjo

A man and his banjo.

Check out James all over the Festival with a special appearence at the City Centre Blacony Stage at 12am.


GLOW RIDE-Presented by Bike Share

Come join us for a Bike Ride during the festival. Bring your own bike or use one of ours.

Presented by: Community Access Bikeshare at The Working Centre

Check out our memberships!


Drink and Draw

Loose self-guided Live Model Life Drawing Event, 5 min poses keeping the creativity flowing all night long.

Located in the Abe Erb Beer Paradise.





Washboard Trubadours

City Centre Balcony Stage 8pm-9pm

Jonney and Josh play wildly electric cover tunes spanning decades and genres on accoustic guitars and washboard. 

They love it when everybody sings along.




BIKE CHECK-Provided By Bike Kitchener

Bike Check. Parking Bikes like a Coat Check just with BIKES.

Ride your bike to the festival, and check it while you are enjoying yourself.

They got your bike-safe and sound.

Bike Kitchener sometimes will chat with your bike and feed it snacks while you are not around.... WHY? Cause they like BIKES.

So, ride your bike and rest assured it will be safe with BIKE VALLET!


Scrabble-Super Size

One letter at a time....

It's super size scrabble under the stars!


Car Karaoke

Karaoke like you have never experienced before!

Jump in and sing along to various tunes!

Great way to meet new friends, sing a-loud and have buckets of fun.

Hosted by the talented, funny and ever smooth host Conor Murphy.

*The car is not the exact vehicle being used

BUS-Summer Lights Bus FREE

Jump on the bus at the various STOPS and we will take you in style to the Summer Lights Festival in Downtown Kitchener.



Perimeter Institute: 31 Caroline St N, Waterloo, ON N2L 2Y5 (PARK around HERE)

Weber/Bridgeport Mall (Right by Tim Hortons) (PARK HERE)


Communitech Charles St/Victoria Rd

Manulife Parking lot Water St/Charles St (PARK around HERE)

Duke St and College Ave


  • Buses travel every half an hour
  • Look for the BIG YELLOW SCHOOL BUS
  • Share the love with the drivers - especially Greg (he is super duper amazing)

>>> Click here to download a map of the bus route and stop locations <<<

Chalk-Say it with chalk!

Say it using chalk....

Draw-write-code....whatever you like...

Sweet Temptations Cupcakery

Sprinkle is the name of our sweet wheels - our very own Sweet Temptations Cupcakery Mobile Food Truck!

Yummeh is our middle name!

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Mango Chutney

Always fresh, healthy and flavourful food is the key to our food truck.

This we do by buying the vegetables and meats from premium sources to ensure high quality and consistency.

 We use fresh spices ground in our own kitchen which guarantees absolute authenticity in the flavour.

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Bread Heads

Bread Heads is a family owned and operated business. Since 2009 we've been making great wood fired pizza at events and downtown Kitchener, where we live work and play.

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SWAT Food Truck

For us, SWAT... stands for Sandwiches With A Twist! We would love to participate in your annual festival this year.

Some of the delicious. Entrees we offer include, Philly Cheesesteak sandwich with Canada AAA beef, grilled onions, mushrooms and peppers, topped with melted provolone cheese on an artisan bun. Montreal smoked meat on fresh rye bread with a dijon honey mustard.

For those preferring Vegetarian, we serve a vegetarian burger with fresh ice berg lettuce, tomato and red onion, Caesar salad with our in house made dressing, real bacon bits and fresh croutons.

We also serve, Pulled Pork on a brioche bun with carolina cole slaw, Triple Decker Grilled Cheese and Grilled Bologna on thick cut homestyle bread, Certified Angus Beef Burgers, Jumbo All Beef Hotdogs and Chili Dogs, Chicken Fingers and Fries, Poutine, French Fries to name but a few!

Prices range from $4-$15 per entree.


America Latina



Come hang out to music, games, art while eaing some delicious-ness from these amazing people:

(space to sit and enjoy your food)

SWAT Food Truck

America Latina (DTK delite)

Breadheads (DTK Family)

Mango Chutney Food Truck

Lobster Limo Food Truck

Sweet Temptations Food Truck

*locations subject to change

*See each food vendor for menus, types of currency accepted etc




Breast Feeding Area

Inside Kitchener City Hall there is a comfortable space for you to relax and feed the wee one.

Please see a volunteer or Summer Lights Festival team member if you need assistance.


Two Outdoor Washrooms available with a hand washing station for your convenience


Scrabble anyone?!

Large size tiles to make new words and/or  continue on with what others added.

Study up all the words you know that start with Z and U before you come down to the Summer Lights Festival...


It's a game of wits, timing, and sheer bullish will.

This is a large size of Kerplunk and everyone to take a try at it!!!


*Remember you touch that stick - you must follow thru on your play!

The onomatopoeic name of the game derives from the sound of the marbles tumbling to the base of the tube during play. SOME HISTORY: At the start of play, the entire tube is rotated so that a hole in the base of the tube is aligned with the active player's tray. Players take turns removing a single straw from the tube while trying to minimize the number of marbles that fall through the web and into their tray. Once a player has committed themselves to a particular straw by touching it, they must remove it.


Black Ball Comedy

5 hours of laughter all made by Black Ball Comedians.

You watch/listen at your own risk and your reward will be laughter that will make you loose at least 5 pounds.

Please Note: The comedian line up is super secretive and will be released minutes before each set. This is for the safety and security of the comedians as they have stalkers who adement on tying them down and marying them. We appologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Serious Warning: Some content may not suitable for all ages and trigger certain reactions. 

What's up with Black Ball Comedy: They are a live entertainment company bringing the hottest, funniest comedians to DTK. Comedians from Sirius XM, Yuk Yuks, Just For Laugh. Check them out every Tuesday night in DTK

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Sing-A-Long-Musical Clips

Come hang out and Sing-A-Long with videos from your favourite Musicals on a large screen.



Janna Le Duc

City Centre Presents:

Janna Le Duc


Janna prides herself on her versatility as an artist, bringing a high energy experience from rock, to pop, to country, to R&B, to soul


Tasha Allain

City Centre Presents:

Tasha Allain


Tasha Allain is a local Soul Singer-Songwriter, to K-W. She uses textures and dynamics in both rhythm and range to build a sound with expression.

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Paige Warner

City Centre Presents:

Paige Warner


Paige is a vocal artist who mixes genres using piano, guitar and ukulele. Original or cover, she performs songs in a new refreshed “Paige way”.

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X's & O's

We chalked a bunch of X's & O's for you..

Grab some chalk: play a few games or stop in and launch your X or O....

Start a new new hame or finish a game off...

Some X/O history: An early variation of tic-tac-toe was played in the Roman Empire, around the first century BC. It was called terni lapilli (three pebbles at a time) and instead of having any number of pieces, each player only had three, thus they had to move them around to empty spaces to keep playing.The game's grid markings have been found chalked all over Rome.

Sand Pools

buckets + pool + shovels + play + make it + sand = sand pools

Jump in and make a sand castle!

City Centre Stage

City Centre Stage:

8pm-9pm               Paige Warner

9pm-10pm             Tasha Allain

10pm-11pm           Jenna Le Duc

11:15:11:30pm      Surprise

11:15-11:30pm      Ebuka Monene

11:30-12:00pm      Miss Drew

12am-1am             Sing-a-long Screen Music


*subject to change

City Centre Balcony

City Centre Balcony:Check out who is playing on the balcony

8pm-9pm                 Washboard Troubadours

9pm-9:30pm            Acabella's

9:30pm-10:00pm     Unacompanied Minors

10pm-10:30pm        The Water Boys

10:30pm-11pm         UW Ace

11pm-12am              Rebekah Stevens





With all the tastes, sounds and fun things to do at Summer Lights-we added skipping...

Skip while watching people go by, listening to the music or maybe to your own beat...

Show off your skillz one skip at a time!

Hula Hoops

Grab a hula hoop and "hooola"...

How many people can "hoola" at once?

How long can you "hoola" for?

Let's all "hoola"

In 1957, the modern hula hoop was invented. Richard Knerr and Arthur “Spud” Melin e introduced to a bamboo “exercise hoops”. version.


Jenga - super size

Super size Jenga is no laughing matter: it's big and takes skill.

The build, the pull and maybe even the tumble-every step of this game is buckets of fun...

Stop by to build, pull and stay for the intrigue....



History of Jenga: Jenga is a game of physical skill created by Leslie Scott, and currently marketed by Parker Brothers, a division of Hasbro. Players take turns removing one block at a time from a tower constructed of 54 blocks.


Board Games

Classic board games laid out for you to play with family/friends and/or with new friends.

Stop in for a few minutes or stay for awhile...


Bowling - Giant Size

Six oversized pins and one giant bowling ball for some good old fashion bowling - outdoors style!



REEP Rain Barrel - nik harron

Nik is a familiar contributor at local festivals and arts events. See his paintings at the "Elevate" art show at Budd's during the Summer Lights Festival.

Nik is one of five artists painting a rain barrel for REEP Waterloo Region.


Abe Erb Brew Co. Beer Pop Up

Come grab a beer, listen to music, play some games and eat some grub!
Abe Erb represents a time before technology saturated the earth, when things were handcrafted, and the only reward needed was an honest pint of beer. We’re here to do right by the old man by serving you fresh beer.
*Abe Erb now OPEN Downtown Kitchener!

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The AcaBellas

The AcaBellas will be performing several songs a cappella they have arranged over the years they were active. These songs include Stone Cold, Something New, Move, Don't Diggity, Pretty Hurts, Mama Who Bore Me, Centuries, and Hollaback Girl.

* will pop up along the festival landscape

The AcaBellas are the University of Waterloo's first (and currently only) all-female a cappella group hailing from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Founded in 2009. Today the Bellas have grown to as many as 21 members who love to sing, rap, dance, and beatbox while wowing the crowd with their unique arrangements and high energy. The Bellas latest successful performance was at the Central Region Quarterfinals for the International Championship for Collegiate A Cappella where they placed third.

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